Cellect is a refurbished mobile phone reseller stocking Apple and Samsung. With previous great success selling phones on eBay they were looking to expand and create their own dedicated online store. Alongside this, we sought to create a brand identity that resonated with customers and promoted trust.


Our key first task was to create a brand which would speak to a diverse audience, targeting those in the market for a phone. We also had to create a website with an aesthetic design and exceptional user experience. Cellect’s true brand challenge was to persuade a sceptical audience that refurbished phones offered a great value, quality solution.


We positioned Cellect as the premium refurbished mobile reseller in Australia by crafting a fresh brand identity that encouraged humour and a positive lifestyle. The web store we created offers a seamless shopping experience through its optimised web design, whilst complementing the brand personality we crafted through social media. Early feedback shows positive customer interaction and sales.